A Mission-Directed Non-Profit With A Vision

Women Impacting at the Highest Levels of Leadership

Accelerating Gender Diversity in the Boardroom by Making the Connections that Make the Difference

We do the heavy lifting. Our services are white glove. Our membership is curated and selective. We make the match process frictionless and easy. Our goal is to advance gender diversity in the boardroom, with relevant “last mile” effort on behalf of qualified women and boards.


Even women at the peak of their executive career ask: “Does a board want what I have to offer?”, and “How do I articulate that in a way that differentiates me?”

  • Journey Planning
  • Peer Mentoring
  • Executive Coaching
  • Editorial Support

Our 1:1 work with you results in the valuable assets of a Board Bio, Elevator Pitch and LinkedIn Alignment. Even greater, is your strengthened confidence that you belong in the boardroom, and the clarity of what you uniquely have to offer.


It takes time to get on a board. So when you are tapped for consideration, you want to be sure you have the best chance of being the one selected.

  • Board Recruiter Screening
  • Mock Interview with a Board Director
  • Elevator Pitch Nights
  • Board Simulations
  • Deep Discounts to Training and Services from Partners

We help you perfect your presence and presentation through a variety of intimate opportunities to practice and obtain valuable feedback from peers and expert partners.


Access and Opportunity are largely about being a part of the trusted network or being in the right place at the right time, or both.

  • Access to Open Board Seats
  • Personalized Positioning of Your Fit
  • Access to Speaking Opportunities
  • Submission for Awards
  • Support Securing References
  • Curated Athena Networking Events

Through Athena you will have access to open board opportunities. Where you are the right fit, we will position you. We will help you secure visibility for your thought leadership and acknowledgement and testimonial to your contributions. We will expand your network in the right way.

The Athena EffectTM


Find Out About The Benefits of Membership

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