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Cybersecurity is a hot topic in the boardroom. With security breaches increasing an average of 27.4% each year and a single malware attack costing organizations an average of $2.4 million, it is every board members’ responsibility to have cybersecurity at top of mind. Without a cybersecurity expert, companies often turn to their audit and compliance committees for due diligence. Get prepared for cybersecurity discussions at the board level with Rubica CEO, Frances Dewing, whose company focuses on bringing advanced cybersecurity to individuals in both their personal and professional lives. Learn cybersecurity best practices and what to look for when adding a cybersecurity expert to your board. View the recent article Frances wrote re: why boards need to approach cybersecurity differently:


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Boardroom Insights

Cybersecurity in the Boardroom

Thu, Jan 09 @ 9:00am PT1 hrs

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