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Michele Colucci, Founder & Managing Partner of DigitalDx Ventures, will share her story of the challenges she's faced with raising a fund on Sand Hill Road in the 97% male venture capital industry. One of only 3% of women in VC, and part of an even smaller group of women running funds, Michele is breaking the chain of exclusion by involving more women as investors, as managers, as board members, and as entrepreneurs. She will share her thoughts about how to break in, how to think about raising a fund, the different types of investors, and what states are female-friendly. Then she'll discuss the role of the fund manager, how deals are sourced, and how important the team is to the fund's success. Grounded in her personal experience helping doctors make better decisions diagnosing illness earlier and less invasively with AI and Data, she will share some personal reflections about women in this traditionally male world, and her perspective on the future healthcare landscape and the impact of technology on healthcare over the next 5-10 years.


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Breaking In: Lessons on Raising a Venture Fund

Wed, Aug 19 @ 9:00am PT1 hrs

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