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At Athena, we often hear women hesitant to put themselves forward for an opportunity they know a friend or acquaintance is also being considered for, or hesitant to put other women forward for roles they themselves are being considered for. Worse, it is not uncommon at all to learn that women are not putting others forward for open roles they have been passed over for. It is not comfortable to initiate competition between us and others for jobs and board seats, but the likelihood that no-one wins increases when the slate of considerations is missing viable candidates. For women, competing for coveted roles is particularly challenging, because for us top level CxO and Board roles have not been in abundance. It's hard to share when one is feeling scarcity. In this session, Athena Founder and CEO Coco Brown will explore this issue with our community and discuss her thoughts and ideas for how to address this dilemma together so that everyone wins and together we all move forward.

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Competing with Your Peers for a Board Seat

Competing with Your Peers for a Board Seat

Wed, Aug 12 @ 9:00am PT1 hrs

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