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The audit committee of the board of directors is responsible for overseeing and monitoring of a company's financial reporting practices. In an ever-changing business landscape, it’s the audit committee that protects the compliance of the organization despite competitive markets, cyber risk, and significant disruption in technology and business models. Whether you’ve been tapped to serve on the audit committee or are seeking to expand your corporate governance know-how, this salon will give you the audit committee basics you need to be successful in the boardroom. Candy Duncan, board member of Discover Financial Services and Teleflex, and former managing partner of KPMG, will lead you in an engaging conversation about what is like to serve on the Audit Committee, including typical oversight responsibilities, interacting and working with outside auditors, how to avoid risk and compliance issues, and what you should expect walking into your first audit committee meeting.


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Finance for the Non-CFO

Audit Committee 101

Tue, Mar 03 @ 10:00am PT1 hrs

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