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Judy Loehr has been building and investing in SaaS companies since 2000. This includes seven early years at, seven years consulting exclusively with B2B SaaS companies, and four years building a VC firm that invests in early-stage SaaS companies. If you are founding or investing in a SaaS company it is important to know the difference between horizontal SaaS, vertical SaaS, enterprise SaaS and freemium business models. Failing to understand your specific business model sets both founders and investors up for costly mistakes. Understanding your business model enables you to maximize go-to-market opportunities, plan your costs as you scale, and position the advantages of your business model to customers, prospects, employees, and investors. In this session, Judy will explain the nuanced differences between SaaS business models and share specific frameworks for each one.


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Building Your Company

SaaS Business Model Fundamentals and Frameworks

Tue, Jul 07 @ 9:00am PT1.5 hrs

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