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Prior to the webinar we ask that you take the Impostor Breakthrough Assessment to better understand how impostor behaviors may be affecting you.

We all aspire to live a healthier, wealthier, more fulfilling, meaningful and purposeful life – whether that means achieving in business, making a career transition, pursuing a passion project, or discovering who you really are. Yet for too many of us Impostor Behaviors hold us back from achieving what we deserve. If you’re like the 70% of the population that experiences the Impostor Syndrome, impostor-related behaviors including perfectionism, rejection sensitivity, lack of confidence, and feeling like a fraud may be getting in the way of operating at your highest potential. In this 90 minute webinar, through interactive exercises and active learning, Kate Purmal and Lee Epting will review the behaviors, causes and triggers associated with Impostor Syndrome, and engage you in ways to overcome these persistent patterns. Through presentations, writing exercises, breakouts and debriefs we will:
  • Explore how impostor behaviors may affect you and your work.
  • Practice techniques to reduce reactivity to Impostor triggers.
  • Integrate methods to bridge the confidence gap.
You’ll walk away with greater awareness of unconscious dynamics that may be holding you back, and learn practical tools to become less reactive and more resilient even in difficult work environments.


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The Impostor Breakthrough: From Anxiety to Resilience

Tue, Jun 09 @ 11:00am PT1.5 hrs

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