PULSE 2018

We were honored to attend and excited to begin our partnership with Gainsight! We are dedicated to building the modern boardroom and would love for you to join our community of board-ready executive women at Athena Alliance

We had a great time at Pulse 2018 and are very grateful and honored to have been introduced to the Gainsight Pulse 2018 audience. We were thrilled to have had personal conversations with so many people. Throughout the last few days of engagement, one thing became very clear: there is a lot of excitement around the Gainsight Athena Aspiring Director Membership Sponsorship. Your individual aspirations to contribute to a modern boardroom, and your collective drive to enable change in the world is a very tangible force. And more resources are desired along every step of the journey. To that end, we have a lot of information for you here.

Danna Lewis | COO
We Invite You To Participate In…

The Gainsight Aspiring Director Sponsorship

As part of our partnership with Gainsight, we will choose five women who qualify as Aspiring Directors to receive a sponsorship for the Athena Alliance.

The Assessment is a valuable tool, wherever you are in your journey to the boardroom. It will provide you with information about what Boards look for and provide us with information about your eligibility for our Aspiring Director Membership.

Spread the Word…

Enable Change

Do you know someone who is looking to take actionable steps towards gender diversity? We have tailored programs for the stewards of diversity and we welcome the introductions.

Legacy Leaders have the financial position and influence to use their voice for change that will leave a legacy. Who can you invite to Athena as a possible Grand Benefactor, Board of Director or CEO Champion?

Modern Corporations want to see their top women reach their fullest potential. Our Corporate Program is available for all sizes of companies choosing to support their female leaders and work towards creating a modern boardroom.

Focused Investors want to see the full potential of their investments achieved. Athena’s Investor Program brings investors from a practical zero start point to being an active changemaker in building modern boardrooms.

Additional Resources

Many of you asked, “What can I do to further my career in leadership? How can I be strategically aware of the future I would like to create for myself?”

We encourage everyone who is targeting a corporate board role in their future to take the assessment – it will provide you with some guidance of what private and public companies look for as they are filling board seats.

Not sure where you are in the journey and wondering what table you would like to have a seat at in the future? We have automatically subscribed you to our Athena Alliance Community Newsletter. Plus, we have included resources below for you to learn more about building the modern boardroom with the resources below:

Curious about Athena’s background?

Listen to CEO Coco Brown and COO Danna Lewis in their first monthly “C-Sweet Series”.

Watch Athena’s Coco Brown talk about “The Modern Boardroom” at Pulse2018