Celebrations October 30, 2018

Businesses Helping Businesses

By Coco Brown Founder and CEO

Here at Athena, we are on a mission to see women lead at their highest level of impact—in and out of the boardroom. This could mean helping a woman realize her whole value and lead with confidence, or it may look more like providing a curated executive development experience for a leading tech organization. It could be a career-changing connection; helping a woman secure an advisory role, or even women helping women through the simple yet profound act of mentoring; sharing advice; or opening the door to opportunity.

Through these acts and more, Athena is set to transform what executive development looks like at the highest tiers of an organization. And through that, we seek to achieve diversity in the boardroom, to empower underserved communities and leaders, and to create strong businesses.

Ours is no small mission. But, thankfully, our community is large. Throughout the creation of Athena, we’re grateful that other businesses and influencers have come to us to ask how they, too, can play a part in our mission. These businesses have kindly offered us use of their services, their space, their influence, their software, their connections, and more. We are in awe of the generosity we’ve felt throughout our community and beyond as so many businesses have shown an outpouring of support for what we do.

This collective effort has opened the door for Athena to do more. We can reach more women. We can have a larger impact. We can partner with more organizations. We’re honored to have the following organizations by our side, as partners in our mission and as fellow leaders for change within our global community:

With sincerest gratitude, from all of us at Athena,