Featured October 10, 2019

Athena Alliance Partners with Insight Partners to Advance Its Top Women Leaders

By The Athena Alliance

Athena Alliance, an exclusive community and technology platform for the top women leaders around the globe, will be partnering with Insight Partners, a leading global venture capital and private equity firm, in the launch of its Faces of Change Executive Leadership Academy. By partnering with Athena, women leaders in Insight Partners’ portfolio companies will gain access to white glove executive development, mentorship, exclusive events, and more.

“We’re thrilled to welcome the women of Insight Partners to our community of the top 10 percent of executive women,” said Coco Brown, Athena founder and CEO. “Our world-class executive development program and on-demand technology platform have been proven to transform leaders and progress the potential of women at all levels.” 

Insight Partners’ Faces of Change Executive Leadership Academy was inspired by the great success of Insight Partners’ first Faces of Change Summit held in New York City in August. The event exclusively focused on female leadership, bringing more than 300 attendees together to share leadership learnings from across the software industry. The Leadership Academy will send five women through Athena Alliance’s Aspiring Director program, empowering them with the knowledge and support they need to achieve a board seat and serve as a steward of business. 

“Insight Partners’ goal is to accelerate diverse and inclusive leadership in our global portfolio of high-growth software companies,” Insight Partners Managing Director Hilary Gosher said. “For 25 years, we’ve provided financing and operating support to software disruptors. An equal imperative is our investment in transformative leadership through growing the female and minority leaders who will shape the future of the software industry.”

A global ecosystem of support for top women leaders

Athena supports women at every level of their senior careers. Members come to Athena to prepare and practice for the boardroom; they invest in memberships as they ascend to the C-suite, or as they make their way to Partner, Founder, and CEO. Athena delivers high-touch, personalized executive development amplified by a robust technology platform and highly active member-to-member mentorship. Members also gain exclusive access to curated opportunities, such as board seats, C-suite roles, and advisory roles. 

Athena’s digital platform extends beyond executive development and board seats, to a community where women are enabled to truly advance each other’s interests, knowledge, and careers. Our Personal Chiefs of Staff draws powerful connections between members. Investment firms and corporations alike turn to Athena to instantly access a proven, global network of talent for everything from C-suite roles to voice of the customer and exclusive attendees at events.

Forward-thinking organizations, such as Autodesk, LinkedIn, and Intuit, partner with Athena Alliance to support their most senior women leaders, access a high-powered network of board-savvy leaders, and advance their diversity and inclusion efforts.