Featured February 20, 2020

Athena Alliance Welcomes Lloyd Taylor and Patti Robb to Its Board of Directors

By The Athena Alliance

Athena Alliance is thrilled to welcome two new leaders to our Board of Directors, Lloyd Taylor and Patti Robb. Lloyd and Patti bring a wealth of experience in technology and business transformation to Athena, and we’re looking forward to growing under their leadership and oversight. 

Patti Robb: Intel veteran and technology strategist

At Intel, Patti served as Chief Strategist and Head of Innovation for Intel’s Premier Autonomous Driving Vehicle Labs and Engineering Center in Silicon Valley. She’s passionate about using technology to improve people’s lives, every single day—and she’s especially passionate about the potential for automated driving to save lives and deliver access to mobility for all. 

Patti is a high-energy leader with a clear vision of the potential of disruptive technologies and their ability to transform markets, relationships, and services. Her career in software and product development has given her the ability to lead new technologies across the board and introduce first-to-market devices, applications analytics, and cloud services with leading-edge technologies that achieve profitability providing great experiences.

Lloyd Taylor: experienced non-profit board director and operational leader

Lloyd serves as COO as Alembic, an early-stage software startup headquartered in San Francisco. He hails from Autodesk, where he built and led operations for the global infrastructure for Autodesk’s cloud products. His board experience includes Samasource, the award-winning technology social enterprise, where he helped lead the organization from a non-profit to a commercial entity. 

Lloyd is passionate about bringing opportunity and under-served people together. He served as the Executive Sponsor of the Autodesk Pride Network and has coached mid-career women for many years.

We are confident in Patti and Lloyd’s leadership and in their ability to drive transformation with vision, detail, and operational excellence. They’ve guided and championed numerous transformative leaps for their respective organizations. We’re proud to have them on the Athena Alliance team and in our corner as we seek to take our own leaps, in 2020 and beyond.

Welcome, Patti and Lloyd!