Celebrations November 2, 2017

Spend the Evening with Geoffrey Moore and Athena Alliance!

By The Athena Alliance

This year's Athena Alliance fundraiser, on December 7 in Palo Alto, features an incredible lineup of speakers including Geoffrey Moore, Maria Klawe and Samaira M. These guests represent success across a wide range of fields and ages, and we are excited to introduce and welcome them, beginning with Geoffrey Moore.

Geoffrey Moore is an established and remarkably successful writer and advisor to both start-up efforts and renowned tech companies. He has advised many strong CEOs, including Salesforce.com CEO, Mark Benioff. Moore is also an investor with Mohr Davidow and Wildcat Venture Partners, has served on the boards of Akamai and Lithium, and is a world-renowned author known by top leaders globally.

Moore received a bachelors degree in American literature from Stanford University and a PhD in English literature from University of Washington. Following graduation, he served as a college English teacher before relocating again to the Bay Area and revamping his career. Since this move, Geoffrey has accrued experience as a technology training specialist, a salesman and a marketing expert. He currently provides services as a marketing consultant for a variety of companies, including giants like Salesforce and Microsoft.

In addition to his consulting services, Moore has also written numerous books on topics ranging from issues faced by both start-up and established companies to market dynamics. His most well-known book, Crossing the Chasm, has sold over a million copies and has been rewritten multiple times to include the notable client stories Moore continues to accumulate in his consulting work. With such an impressive base of knowledge, it is fortunate that Moore also enjoys speaking and delivers 50 – 80 speeches yearly on disruption, market dynamics and other areas of expertise.

The Athena Alliance is honored to feature Geoffrey Moore at Save a Seat for Your Daughter, our upcoming fundraiser to help move the needle toward board parity at a significantly faster pace. Join us in Palo Alto next month, and spend the evening with Geoffrey and other speakers, honorees and an amazing collection of silent auction items up for bid! We encourage you to bring your daughters and families so that we can all work together to increase diversity and gender representation in our board rooms. Let’s make sure our daughters, and our futures, have a seat. Grab your tickets now and mark your calendar!