Building the Modern Boardroom November 23, 2017

Save a Seat for Incredible Girls Like Samaira M

By The Athena Alliance

Our annual Athena Alliance fundraiser, featuring speakers like Samaira M, is coming up in just over a week, and we're getting excited to share an evening with such incredible speakers, honorees, and guests. One of our coolest speakers for Save a Seat for Your Daughter is Samaira M, 9-year-old, fourth grader, coder, Maker, CEO.

After dominating family game day one summer afternoon, first-grade Samaira hatched the novel idea of combining her love for coding with her skill at board games and created CoderBunnyz, a board game that teaches anyone to code and have fun all at once. After pitching the concept to her parents, Samaira worked with graphic designers all over the world to bring her game to life, and now she has a new title as CEO (at 9 years old!).

Samaira didn’t just invent the CoderBunnyz game; she also travels to schools, tech events, libraries and more to introduce and demonstrate her game to budding coders of all ages. Her mission is to offer a fun, playful way for learners from ages 4 to 104 to grasp the concepts of CS coding. So far, she’s given more than 40 CoderBunnyz workshops in Silicon Valley and has taught over 1400 kids. Samaira M has even taught coding to over 50 kids at Google HQ!

Samaira M and CoderBunnyzInventing and teaching a high-level board game is an amazing accomplishment on its own, especially for someone in grade school, but Samaira didn’t stop there! She’s also launched her own nonprofit organization, Girls Code U, dedicated to teaching coding to underrepresented girls. Samaira is committed to the goal of getting kids excited about STEM and coding from young ages, and she is a shining example of what our daughters can accomplish with encouragement to succeed. We’re honored to have her as a guest at Save a Seat for Your Daughter.