The Impact Of
The Athena Effect™

Matching Your Executive Women to Boards

Serving on an outside board, your senior executive women will help extend your brand and build your company’s credibility. When a corporate partner sponsors their SVP and C-level executive women to pursue a board role, they send the clear message that they care for the entirety of her career and her ability to impact the wider community.

Women fall out of the pipeline at the most senior levels, just as they do at the very beginning of career. And, they do not have the visibility men do as they look to expand influence to board roles. If we want to hold on to our senior women, we must recognize that many of them strive to become board directors, and we must support them in achieving this goal. We must also value the impact they can bring by sharing their experience broadly.

Readying Your Executive Women for Boards

Obtaining one’s first board seat can take years. Increasingly it also requires a strong knowledge of board governance and a board ready story around the leadership value one brings to the table. Women are being coached to start this journey as VPs and to ask their employers to support them in pursuing board readiness training and coaching. They are in fact investing in these efforts regardless of support.

A corporation’s willingness to back this journey for key women they wish to invest in over years, helps ensure they keep those women for the long haul and that they too get the full benefit as these women reach for their highest potential impact.

Ensuring the Success of Your Executive Women as Directors

The journey does not end with the attainment of a board seat. Operating as a corporate director is very different than operating as a corporate executive.

Just as we support our executives to be the best leaders they can be in running our companies, we must do the same in ensuring they govern well the companies for which they are directors. What women directors need are other women directors from which to engage in peer mentoring and support. They also need access to the best curated board development resources. Sponsoring them to participate in The Athena Alliance gives them this very important success structure.

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